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artists - Grant Takle

Grant Takle is a graduate of the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts in 1983. Over the years he has used an extraordinary diversity of styles and media in painting, sculpture and installation in his exploration of personal and postcolonial New Zealand identity and what it means to be a Pākehā in twenty-first century New Zealand. His edgy and uncompromising imagery is rooted in easily recognisable signs and symbols of pop and counter-culture, forging a vocabulary that offers striking and rebellious new interpretations of New Zealand identity, full of rich irony. Found materials as diverse as dominos and vinyl records, and techniques ranging from graffiti, stencilling and folk art practices, testify to the intrinsic playfulness and humour of Takle’s thoughtful and psychological approach to both the politics of biculturalism in modern New Zealand society and his own art making practice. Takle has shown with Brooke-Gifford since 1996. He lives in Christchurch.