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artists - Jason Greig

Jason Greig is a virtuoso printmaker of exquisite Old Master-quality draughtsmanship and technique. Graduating from the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts in 1985 having studied printmaking under master practitioner Barry Cleavin, Greig has produced an incredible body of work full of subversive intensity, gothic atmosphere and even a faint hint of romantic melancholy and decadent eroticism recalling the work of nineteenth century French printmakers Odilon Redon and Charles Méryon, while at the same time channelling a heavy metal and a not entirely serious Hammer Horror version of the macabre. His work encompasses monoprint, etching, lithography, drawing, and more recently, painting and in each of these techniques he achieves a total and absolute command. Greig was honoured by Christchurch Art Gallery in 2006 with the survey exhibition The Devil Made Me Do It and he was one of the artists selected to represent New Zealand at the 2010 Sydney Biennale. He lives in Christchurch.