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Quentin MacFarlane is a senior New Zealand painter of standing. He has had a profound and lasting influence on Canterbury art in the 1960s and 70s, both as an educator at Christchurch Teachers’ College, and the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts, and as a prominent figure in Christchurch’s close-knit artistic community over the years. His paintings are firmly based in the traditions of twentieth century modernism, straddling both a strong New Zealand legacy of land and seascape art going back to the nineteenth century, and the transcendental sublime of post-war abstract neo-expressionism. His paintings are characterised by broad strokes of vivid colour and stylised form which capture the ephemeral conditions and magnificent grandeur of the natural world. MacFarlane has shown with Brooke-Gifford as one of the original stable of artists since the gallery was founded in 1975. He is represented in many public collections throughout New Zealand and currently lives in Auckland.

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Untitled Untitled Untitled Mercury Island 1995. Untitled Quentin MacFarlane - Marine Study