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Tony de Lautour was born to New Zealand parents in Australia and came to New Zealand as a young child. He first came to critical attention in the early 1990s, emerging as part of a younger generation of graduates of the University of Canterbury’s School of Fine Arts working in Christchurch at the time. This wave, including the likes of Séraphine Pick and Peter Robinson, have gone on to become some of New Zealand’s most high profile artists, represented in most of the country’s public collections. They have shown with Brooke-Gifford since the beginning of their careers. De Lautour’s art began anchored in an ironic celebration of Christchurch’s darker underbelly, drawing on a vocabulary of prison tattoos, graffiti, heraldic British lions and cartoon kiwis, but over time increasingly came to embrace a more formal language of abstract painting, drawing on avant-gardes of the early twentieth century in his own inimitable way.

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Woodblock print 2008 Tony de Lautour  2005 Kiwi  2004 Lion Red  2002 NZ Snake  2003 Web Head Text Message Cash Woodblock print Text Message Tony de Lautour - Stack, 2011