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artists -  - 20 June - 22 July 2006

DANCING ON LIFE'S VOLCANO Ceramic Paintings 1. So much bad news. We ordered wine and laughed. Nothing changes and we can bear it. $2,250 2. The Dog shook himself and let the gossip in one ear and out the other. $2,500 3. We must slip away. The band is playing memories that must not be forgotten. $2,500 4. Thank God you've arrived. $3,000 5. Which way to turn? That is the question. $2,500 6. A baffling situation - so many options, but time will change all the answers. $2,500 7. Bugger you I'm off. $2,500 8. Give him a break. Let him see the world. $2,500 9. The Dog stood firm. We faded away but love did not. The stars clung to the sky. $2,500 10. Hang in there. The Dog has smelt a rat but the birds are singing. $2,250 11. There is a chance we will all dance together someday. $2,250 12. Can we escape? Everything is flying about, twisting twigs of anxiety into knots. $2,500 13. Dancing on the Volcano of life. $2,500 14. Going to the Dogs - such a flutter, such a chatter, a confusion of yes, limbs, legs and the chance to meet someone and win. $2,500 15. We are out of here. Dog, give me strength to let go and understand. $2,500 16. After the Party, hairs of the dog only shrunk our heads. $2,250 17. Breaking away. One day you are gone but memories keep our hearts listening. $3,000 This exhibition runs from Tuesday 20th June to Saturday 22nd July 2006.